Intense Hammer Rage

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Intense Hammer Rage
OriginBurnie, TAS
Years active1994 - present
MembersAB, Ricey, Studley

Band members

  • Line up
    • AB (Alan Byard) (drums, vocals)
    • Ricey (guitar, vocals)
    • Chris Studley (bass, vocals)

Band Information

Intense Hammer Rage is a brutal gore core grind from Burnie, Tasmania. The group has numerous cassette releases available both self-financed and through Japanese and US grind labels. In 1999 Intense Hammer Rage were signed by Razorback Records who issued their debut Avagoyamug! in early 2001. However, like Perth's Choke, Intense Hammer Rage immediately became embroiled in a censorship row when Federal Police and Customs officials confiscated the album shipment the moment it reached Australia, claiming that the lyrics and artwork were in breach of classification laws.

Byard was charged with importing a prohibited import, selling a prohibited import, advertising a prohibited import, and possessing a child abuse product, while Studley and Rice were both charged with importing a prohibited import, selling a prohibited import, and advertising a prohibited import.

The three were convicted on all charges in the Burnie Magistrates Court, with Byard being fined a total of $2500, and Studley and Rice both being fined a total of $1250 each. Avagoyamugs was classified "Exceeding Level 3" by ARIA (the only such CD to date) and the seized CDs were destroyed

Intense Hammer Rage has continued, undertaking their first tour of the mainland in early 2004, followed up in June by shows with Deeds of Flesh.

The band announced in mid-2009 that they were working on a new album. This does not seem to have eventuated but IHR is still in existence, playing sporadically.



1999 Devogrindporngorecoreaphile self release
2001 Avagoyamugs Razorback


1999 Gory B Flesh Feast

Compilation tracks:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
1999 "With Her Cunt She Fucks" Gore is Your Master Razorback
2000 "Defiling the Grace" Wizards of Gore:Impetigo Tribute Razorback