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OriginPerth, WA
GenresDeath metal, thrash metal
Years active1996 - 2001, 2006
Associated actsPathogen, Claim the Throne, Pagan, The Furor, Mhorgl, Shrapnel, NerveCell, Cuntscrape, Centaur, Mind's Eye, Chainsaw Charlie and the Chocolate Cha Cha Factory, Blüddypŏp
Past membersGlenn Dyson, Gavin Ford, Matt Giovinaao, Merim Osmanovich, Lee Powell, Louis Rando, Brad Wesson

Band members

  • Final line-up
    • Glenn Dyson (guitar)
    • Gavin Ford (vocals, guitar)
    • Brad Wesson (bass)
    • Louis Rando (drums)
  • Former members
    • Merim Osmanovich (drums) 2001
    • Matt Giovinaao (drums) 2001
    • Lee Powell (drums) 1996 - 2001


Perth, WA, 1996

Band information

Choke was a death/thrash band from Perth. In 1999 they opened for Fear Factory and the following year became entangled in a censorship storm when Federal Police seized all copies of their album and had the artwork destroyed on the grounds that it was too offensive for the general public. All copies were recalled and the band was under threat of an immense fine, although this proved to be no barrier to their continued misbehaviour.

Powell was replaced in the band by Merim Osmanovich in 2001, but his stay was short, dashing plans for a follow-up album and east coast tour. In May 2001, Choke announced that they would split up after a final gig the following August. Choke reformed in mid-2006 with Pathogen/The Furor drummer Rando to play at Metal for the Brain. Smokin’ Tailpipe Action was re-released with extra tracks from the “Onabigwun” demo, new (even more pronographic) cover-art and an AC/DC cover.


1999 Smokin' Tailpipe Action Independent