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Band Members

  • Last known line-Up
    • Morbid de Sade (vocals)
    • Illogium (aka HP Knowmad) (guitar)
    • Tempest (bass)
    • Matt Skitz (drums)
  • Former Members
    • Obsidian (Cliff Young) (drums)
    • Vaughan Piffero (guitar)
    • Piers Harrex (Bass)
    • Michael (Gifford) Sebastion (guitar)


Brisbane, QLD, 1998

Band Information

Invocation is a seriously heavy death metal band from Brisbane featuring truly demonic vocals and awesome speed. Formed out of the ashes of Necrovore, with members from Defiled, were something of a fixture on the scene for some years, the band's debut CD has been often postponed due to the floating nature of the membership, although singer Morbid has always been the mainstay. The line-up that produced the split with StarGazer was completed by members of Portal. A full length album was promised for 2001 but by late in the year the band appeared to be floundering. Knowmad rekindled Portal and Invocation disappeared for some years until a reformation in 2004 that featured Skitz from Damaged on drums for a brief time.



2000 H.A.S.T.U.R. Dies Irae