Kill for Satan

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Band Members

  • Current Line-Up
    • Brad (bass, vocals)
    • Kelhammer (Kel Dulihanty) (drums, vocals)
    • Yurionymous (Yuri Ward) (vocals, guitar)

  • Former Members
    • Necroslush (guitar) (2003)
    • Hellpitt (Andrew Pitt) (guitar) (2003)
    • Tonester Doom (Tony Kirk) (guitars) (2003 - 2008)



Canberra, ACT, 2003

Band Information

Kill For Satan began as a cover band for former Psychrist members Ward and Dulihanty in 2003; after Necroslush left Pitt from Myrddraal joined briefly and the band played at Metal for the Brain, becoming the only all-covers act ever to play the event. At the time Kill For Satan played blackened versions of classic 80s thrash and death metal songs. After Kirk of Exceed replaced Pitt, the band began writing originals and released an album in mid-2005.

Kill For Satan signed to Onslaught Records for worldwide release and began recording a second album in July 2008. Kirk left in August 2008. In 2009, Tony Kirk and Joel Green formed the studio project Wardom. Wardom released a debut EP in 2010.

In July 2010, the debut album was reissued by Onslaught Records. The reissue features new cover art and is limited to 500. In October 2010, the second album was mixed and mastered. In March 2012, their sophomore album The Final Conflict was released on Obsidian Records.



2004 Thy Kingdom Undone... self release
2012 The Final Conflict Obsidian


2009 Doom Plague Death (with Lamp of Thoth) Metal Supremacy