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Omnium Gatherum
OriginAdelaide, SA
GenresDeath metal, grindcore
Years active2004 - 2007
Associated actsDeath's Boundaries, Omnium Gatherum, Descend to Acheron, Sexual Intercorpse, Sickness, of the Human Condition, Art in Exile, Imminent Psychosis
Past membersJohn Adamsons, Rocco DeMaria, Brad Peacock, Matt Phillips, Dave

Band Members

  • Line-Up
    • Rocco DeMaria (guitar)
    • Brad Peacock (vocals)
    • Jonno (drums)
    • Dave (guitar)
    • Matt Phillips (bass) (d. 10.2.21)


Adelaide, SA, 2004

Band Information

Omnium was an Adelaide grind band previously known as Omnium Gatherum. The group changed its name in 2004 to avoid confusion with the Finnish melodic death metal band. After the release of Omnium in 2007, the band disappeared.



2007 Omnium Independent