Omnium Gatherum

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Omnium Gatherum
OriginAdelaide, SA
GenresDeath metal, grindcore
Years active1997 - 2004
Associated actsDeath's Boundaries, Omnium, Descend to Acheron, Sexual Intercorpse, Sickness, of the Human Condition, Art in Exile, Imminent Psychosis,
Past membersJohn Adamsons, Rocco DeMaria, Brad Peacock, Matt Phillips, Dave, Paul Stuart, Justin

Band Members

  • Final Line-Up
    • Rocco DeMaria (guitar)
    • Brad Peacock (vocals)
    • Jonno (drums)
    • Dave (guitar)
    • Matt Phillips (bass) (d. 10.2.21)
  • Former Members
    • Paul Stuart (bass) 2001 - 2003
    • Justin (bass) 1997 - 2001


Adelaide, SA, 1997

Band Information

Omnium Gatherum was an Adelaide grind band formed in 1997 by Rocco and Johnno (ex-Sexual Intercorpse). With the line-up completed shortly afterward, the band produced a couple of demos. After Paul Stuart from Death's Boundaries joined in early 2001, the band released Rectifying Human Rejection. Second guitarist Dave then augmented the line-up, but when Stuart left the band in mid-2003 he switched to the bass role until another ex-Death's Boundaries member Matt Phillips joined the band some months later. In mid-2004 Omnium Gatherum supported Deeds of Flesh and shortly afterward announced a name change to simply Omnium, to avoid confusion with the Finnish death metal band.



2001 Rectifying Human Rejection Life Fluid