Reverend Kriss Hades

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Rev. Kriss Hades
OriginMelbourne, VIC
GenresAvant garde, death metal, black metal
Years active1991 – present
Associated actsSadistik Exekution, Nazxul, Isaacaron

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Artist information

Rev. Kriss Hades is the extreme metal guitarist and artist best known for his roles with Sadistik Exekution and Nazxul. Originally from Melbourne, he was initially recruited for Sad Ex in 1989 but didn't join the band until 1991, after the release of their debut album The Magus. He was also a member of Nazxul between 1996 and 2003. During this time he recorded a debut solo album that was released in 2002. The album featured several remixes of Sadistik Exekution songs and backing vocals from Mandy Andresen of Lycanthia.

Hades’ solo work is dark, avant garde, ambient black metal and drone doom that draws parallels to the likes of both Beherit and Sunn 0))). His live shows are combinations of excessive guitar violence featuring combinations of him playing and destroying his guitars to backing tapes and samples and lurid visuals; in early 2005 he supported Sunn 0))).

The 2006 release is a live album featuring his entire set from 2005's Bloodlust Festival. Kriss' live performances have been rare. In Melbourne in late 2010 with a complete band that also featured Morte from Nazxul and Matt Skitz of Insidious Torture. That same band played another show in Sydney in June 2012.



2002 Wind of Orion Decius
2006 Paganini - Blood Lust - Static Age Independent