Sadistik Exekution

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Sadistik Exekution
OriginSydney, NSW
GenresDeath metal
Years active1986 – 2003, 2009
LabelsOsmose, Shock
Associated actsSlaughter Lord, Nazxul, Doomed and Disgusting, Meridian, Eight Ball Junkies, Inslain, Aggressa, Bestianity, Isaacaron
Past membersRev. Kriss Hades, Rok, Dave Slave, Sloth, Sandy Vahdanni, Steve Hoban

Band Members

  • Former Members
    • Steve Hoban (drums) 1994
    • Sandy Vahdanni (guitar) 1989 - 1990

Band Information

Complete chaos and violent death metal hell is at the core of Sadistik Exekution's existence. Sadistik Exekution were are among the true pioneers of both death and black metal.

The idea for Sadistik Exekution came after Rok and Dave Slave met at an Iron Maiden concert in Sydney in 1985. For the next few years, the pair worked on building a line-up while under taking a constant campaign of outrageous publicity stunts and intimidation including TV appearances and bizarre interviews in men's magazines, leading to the band having a legendary status even before they'd ever recorded or played. Melbourne guitarist and artist Reverend Kriss Hades joined Sadistik Exekution in 1989 but wasn't considered competent enough at the time so the idebut album was recorded with former Slaughter Lord guitarist Sandy Vahdanni. The following year Hades joined the band but within a short time both Vahdanni and Sloth left.

The Magus was released in 1991 and sometime later Sloth rejoined the band, allowing them to play live. During the recording of the next album however, Sloth left the band again and was replaced by Steve Hoban. The album was intended to be self-titled, but when Osmose received the tapes of it with "We Are Death... Fukk You!" written on them they released the album with that title instead. Around this time the band toured with Morbid Angel and in 1995, Sadistik Exekution prepared to tour Europe with Impaled Nazarene and Absu. A back injury to Hoban forced him to leave the band and he was replaced for the shows by Matt Skitz from Damaged. During the tour the band almost self-destructed when Rok and Kriss bashed Dave after he went berzerk and trashed the tour bus. Hades broke his finger during the altercation and had to play out the tour with the injury. On their return to Australia, Hades couldn't play for a year while his hand recovered; in the meantime, Sloth rejoined the band once again.

1998 was a particularly busy time for the band's members. Dave Slave released the first of his numerous solo projects, Digital Fiction, a sort of electronic rock 'n roll act. Kriss Hades joined Nazxul and Sloth started a rock band. Rok recorded two solo albums, released the first of them and played a one off solo show late in the year. The band played a final show for the year on New Year's Eve and in 1999 played only once, at Sydney's Globe Theatre. The band members maintained for most of 2000 that Sadistik Exekution had been put to rest but at the same time they were working on a new album. Named as one of the headlining acts of the 2000 Metal for the Brain festival, Sadistik Exekution had to withdraw from the event after Dave broke his leg in a fight.

Despite constant assurances from members that the band no longer existed, Fukk was released in 2002 and Fukk II in 2004. Kriss released his first solo album in 2002. Dave Slave appeared in a TV ad campaign for potato chips in 2003. Sloth joined Inslain the same year and has since played in Eight Ball Junkies, Nomenclature Diablerie and his own band; in 2011 he appeared on an episode of the reality TV show Wife Swap Australia. In 2009 Sadistik Exekution reunited for a one-off headlining performance at the Australian Heavy Metal Awards in Sydney in November.



1991 The Magus Vampire
1994 We Are Death... Fukk You!! Osmose
1997 K.A.O.S Osmose
2002 Fukk Osmose
2004 Fukk II Osmose


1996 Demon With Wings Shock
1998 Sadistik Elektrokution Shock