Slaughter Lord

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Slaughter Lord
OriginSydney, NSW
GenresThrash metal
Years active1985 – 1987
Associated actsNazxul, Presto, Mortal Sin, Sadistik Exekution
Past membersMick Burke, Colin Butcher, Steve Hughes, Claws Mayhem, Tony Noel, Sandy Vahdanni, Anton Vazquez

Band Members

  • Final Line-Up
    • Steve Hughes (drums)
    • Anton Vazquez (guitar)
    • Tony Noel (bass, vocals)
    • Mick Burke (guitar) d. 24/8/17
  • Former Members
    • Sandy Vahdanni (guitar) 1985 - 1986
    • Claws Mayhem (vocals) 1985
    • Colin Butcher (vocals) 1985

Band Information

Slaughter Lord was an early Sydney thrash band whose status during the formative period of the country's metal scene was only rivalled by Mortal Sin. The band was formed by drummer Steve Hughes under the name Onslaught in 1985 but after a clash was discovered with the British thrash band the group changed its name to Devastator. Unhappy with such a generic name, it was soon changed again to Slaughter Lord. The original line-up featured Hughes, Mick Burke and Tony Noel plus guitarist Sandy Vahdanni and vocalist Colin Butcher. Claws Mayhem replaced Butcher but was sacked within weeks. The line-up consolidated when Anton Vazquez replaced Vahdanni (who would later join Sadistik Exekution) and Noel took up the vocal responsibilities.

Slaughter Lord first played live in February 1986 and recorded the demo "Taste of Blood" while gigging solidly around Sydney with bands like Mortal Sin and Massappeal but by 1987 had broken apart. Burke joined Mortal Sin and Hughes followed suit in late 1989. After 18 months with them, he later went on to join Presto and Nazxul during the 90s. When he moved to Ireland in 1999 to pursue his comedy career, Hughes found interest for Slaughter Lord's recordings from Invictus, who released the Thrash til Death album in 2000.



2000 Thrash til Death Invictus