Roadside Burial

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Roadside Burial
OriginSydney, NSW
GenresDeath metal, grindcore
Years active2006 - present
Associated actsVolatile, Festering Drippage, Bludgeoner, Aftermath, Daemon Foetal Harvest, Miscreation, Exhibit A, Blood Bomb
MembersFrog, Macca, Shane, Gatorian
Past membersKarkuss, Gordon Caruana

Band members

  • Current line-up
    • Frog (bass)
    • Macca (drums)
    • Gatorian Sabz Doomdooken (vocals)
    • Shane Piercy (guitar)
  • Former members
    • Karkuss (Mark Appleton) (vocals) 2006 - 2011
    • Gordon Caruana (drums) 2007

Band information

Death and gore-grind band formed by Karkuss and Shane from Bludgeoner. Caruana (also from Bludgeoner) was recruited in early 2007 for live purposes. The band issued a string of split EPs, the most recent featuring Frog (Volatile, Exhibit A) and Macca from Daemon Foetal Harvest in the line-up. Gatorian replaced Karkuss in 2011 and the band played events such as Slaughterfest and appeared with Rotten Sound during 2013.



2006 Blood Binge (split with Corpsickle) Grindhead
2007 Such is Life (split with Exhibit A) Grindhead
2010 Split with Grog and Pussy Vibes Grindhead