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OriginWollongong, NSW
GenresBlack metal
Years active1996 - 2002
Associated actsDaemon Foetal Harvest, Battalion, Pestilential Shadows, The Furor, Cuntscrape, Grotesque, Nazxul, Baal Gadrial, Rookwood, Kinstrife and Blood, Zaebros, Agialiarept
MembersArgaroth, Lord Azarath, Maddroc, Prosatanus, Zameth

Band members

  • Line-up
    • Argaroth (vocals)
    • Maddroc (Luke Mills) (guitar)
    • Lord Azarath (drums)
    • Prosatanus (Craig Samuel) (guitar)
    • Zameth (Chris Polley) (bass)


Wollongong, NSW, 1997

Band information

Secratain was a black metal band from Wollongong, the earliest of a raft of similar acts featuring a core of members from that city. Originally known as Ad Noctum the band name was changed when it was found to clash with that of a Melbourne thrash band. Shortly afterwards five tracks appeared on a split release with Sydney band Dark Dominion. After appearing at Bloodlust in 2002 Secratain slipped from view. Argaroth and Maddroc later joined Nazxul; Maddroc (as either Maddroc or Balam) is or has also been a member of a string of other bands including Pestilential Shadows, Baal Gadrial and Kinstrife and Blood.



Darkdominion secratain.jpg
2000 Bound in Blasphemy (split with Dark Dominion) Indomitus