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OriginBrisbane, QLD
GenresPower metal
Years active1999 - 2009
Associated actsMobstar, Dungeon, LORD, Metallurgy, Malakyte, Ofsoski
Past membersTyrell Beck, Andy Dowling, Liam Guy, Simon Kelly, Brendan Moore, Sinclair Newey, Judd Newton, Richard Ofsoski, Simon Polhill, Bruce Vines, Glenn Williams

Band members

  • Current line-up
    • Simon Kelly (guitar)
    • Liam Guy (drums)
    • Sinclair Newey (guitar)
    • Richard Ofsoski (vocals)
    • Simon Polhill (bass)
  • Former members
    • Brendan Moore (drums) (2005 - 2008)
    • Glenn Williams (bass) (2005 - 2006)
    • Andy Dowling (bass) (2005)
    • Bruce Vines (bass) (1999 - 2005)
    • Tyrell Beck (drums) (1999 - 2001, 2003 - 2005)
    • Judd Newton (vocals) (1999 - 2005)



Brisbane, QLD, 1999

Band information

Sedition is a power and traditional metal band from Brisbane that formed in 1999. The group's debut album displayed some infectious and catchy speed/power metal, let down here and there by both an ordinary vocal performance and some clumsy arrangement but the band has since improved greatly.

Beck left just before an east coast tour and the band searched for a replacement for some time without luck. Kelly eventually switched to the drums and the band supported Pegazus in early 2003. Late that year Beck rejoined the band but left again shortly afterwards. Andy Dowling joined in place of long serving bassist Bruce Vines but by mid-2005, Sedition was on hold one more, pending a replacement singer and permanent drummer. Brendan Moore and Richard Ofsoski were recriuited but then Dowling left to join LORD in late 2005 and was replaced by former Mobstar and Dungeon member Glenn Williams. Simon Polhill later took the place of Williams. The band opened for Helloween in early 2008 and a second album was released mid-year. Brendan Moore was fired from the band in late-2008, with Metallurgy drummer Liam taking up the seat. Sedition split up some time later. Both Ofsoski and Polhill have released solo albums.



2001 Arcane Secrets self release
2008 World of Illusion self release