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OriginHobart, TAS
GenresDeath metal
Years active2005 - 2011, 2013 - present
LabelsSubliminal Groove
MembersSam Dishington
Past membersJames Brady, Matt Carter, Dave Gilbert, Mitch Golding, Mitch Osbourne, Luke Ransen

Band members

  • Line-up
    • Sam Dishington (vocals, all)
  • Former members
    • Luke Ransen (bass) 2005 - 2011
    • Matt Carter (drums) 2005 - 2011
    • Mitch Golding (guitar) 2010 - 2011
    • Mitch Osbourne (guitar) 2010 - 2011
    • James Brady (guitar) 2005 - 2010
    • Dave Gilbert (guitar) 2005 - 2010

Band information

Thrash-laced technical death metal band from Hobart. A full length album was released in May 2008 and the band supported Dismember in July. During the following year the band toured regularly on mainland Australia and featured at the Against the Grain festival as well announcing links to Adelaide metal label Truth Inc.. Osbourne and Golding joined during 2010 and work began in earnest on a second album; however, before it was completed the band suffered a catastrophic computer failure that erased it. On April 27, 2011, the band announced it had split. In late 2013, Sam Dishington reactivated Separatist as a solo recording project.



2008 The Motionless Apocalypse self release
2014 Closure Subliminal Groove
2014 Motionless Subliminal Groove