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Background information
OriginWollongong, NSW
Years active2006–present
Associated actsDungeon
MembersLord Tim
Damian Costas
Andrew Dowling
Mark Furtner
Past membersTim Yatras
Shane Linfoot
Mav Stevens

LORD began as a solo project for Dungeon singer and guitarist Lord Tim. The material on the first album is 80s inspired heavy rock and metal and features backing vocals from Dungeon's Stu Marshall. Ex-Dungeon member Justin Sayers provided some bass tracks and Gustav Hoffman some keyboards.


Formation: (2005)

After the decision was made to abandon the use of the Dungeon name with the departure of two of the band's key members in late 2005, LORD became a full-fledged band. Yatras was also from Dungeon, and also with Nazxul and Austere. LORD began playing live in early 2006 and within months were touring nationally. The band supported Queensrÿche nationally in July 2006 and also appeared with Nightwish and Atrocity. LORD then supported Nevermore in November at the Festival of the Dead in Sydney, along with appearing at Metal for the Brain in Canberra the same afternoon.


Guitarist Mav Stevens left LORD in December 2006. Shane Linfoot from Transcending Mortality filled in for some touring commitments in early 2007 but he was replaced by Mark Furtner of FromBeyond. Furtner and Chris Brooks make guest appearances on the band's debut album Ascendence.


LORD toured the east coast with Saxon in May 2008. A limited edition EP entitled "Hear No Evil" was released on October 31, featuring a Kylie Minogue cover that won them some national airplay. LORD undertook an extensive tour of Australia and New Zealand in the first half of 2009. Two dates had to be performed acoustically when Tim Yatras suffered a back injury that restricted his playing. At the conclusion of the tour, which included a show with Paul Di'anno, Yatras was replaced by Damian Costas of Vanquish. Set in Stone was released in August and featured guest appearances by Craig Goldy, Glen Drover and members of Angra, Harem Scarem, Dragonland, Argument Soul, Enter Twilight and Vanishing Point.


In November 2009 LORD toured Japan. Upon their return to Australia, Lord Tim announced he had been forced to stand down from guitar playing for up to a year due to health issues; Matt Bell from KnightQueste was the band's temporary touring guitarist until late June 2010. His last show with the band was a support slot with Paul Di'anno in Sydney.

(2010 - Present)

LORD released the "Return of the Tyrant" EP in September 2010 and embarked on an extensive tour that included Australian dates and shows in Japan with Doro and Jaded Heart. The EP's title track was a sequel to the Dungeon song "Tarrano del Mar"; the release also included cover songs and acoustic tracks and had a running time of over an hour.

Band members

  • Lord Tim (vocals, guitar)
  • Damian Costas (drums)
  • Andrew Dowling (bass)
  • Mark Furtner (guitar)
Former members
  • Tim Yatras (drums) 2006 - 2009
  • Shane Linfoot (guitar) 2007
  • Mav Stevens (guitar) 2006 - 2007



2003 A Personal Journey Metal Warriors
2007 Ascendence Modern Invasion
2009 Set in Stone Riot!


2008 Hear No Evil self release
2010 Return of the Tyrant self release

Compilation tracks:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
2006 "Shattered" The Art of Shredding: A Tribute to Dime DarkStar