The Neptune Power Federation

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The Neptune Power Federation
Background information
OriginSydney, NSW
GenresHeavy metal
Years active2009 – present
Associated actsFrenzal Rhomb, Mortal Sin, Nancy Vandal, Demolition High Style, White Trash, Chinese Burns Unit, All You Can Eat, Death Mission, Murder, Fattura Della Morte, Daredevil, The Love Songs, This Thing
MembersInverted CruciFox, Search and DesTroy, Jaytanic Ritual, Mr Styx, Screaming Loz Sutch
Past membersThe Black Plagums

Band members

  • Line-up
    • Inverted CruciFox (Mike Foxall) (guitar, vocals)
    • Screaming Loz Sutch (Lauren Whalley) (vocals)
    • Search and DesTroy (Troy Scerri) (guitar)
    • Jaytanic Ritual (Jason Whalley) (bass)
    • Mr Styx (Dean Bakota) (drums)
  • Former members
    • The Black Plagums (Craig Billmeier) (vocals) 2009 - 2014

Band information

Running the gamut of stoner rock, psychedelic metal and NWOBHM, The Neptune Power Federation was formed by three former members of the Sydney punk band Nancy Vandal - Mike Foxall, Dean Bakota and Jay Whalley (also of Frenzal Rhomb) - in 2009. Guitarist Troy Scerri has a wealth of experience in Sydney metal and hardcore bands going back to the late 1980s. Originally intended to be only a studio project as their vocalist Craig Billmeier was based in the US, Mano a Satano was released on vinyl only in 2012. In early 2014, Whalley's wife Lauren joined the band and The NPF began to develop a theatrical stage show based around her Imperial Princess character.

Funded by a Pozible campaign, the second album was a musical tie-in to Foxall's graphic novel Lucifer's Universe, and released simultaneously. Neath a Shin ei Sun was released in October 2017 and the band began to develop a European following. The Neptune Power Federation toured Europe in early 2019 and their fourth album came out in September. The band recorded an EP of Queen and Rainbow covers to promote another European tour in 2020 but that was cancelled due to COVID. They were added to the line-up of the 2021 Blacken Festival in the NT but that was also cancelled. In early 2022, the band's fifth album was released and they will appear at Blacken Open Air.



2012 Mano a Satano Independent
2015 Music from Lucifer's Universe Independent
2017 Under a Shin ei Sun Independent
2019 Tales of a Rat Queen Independent
2021 Le Demon de L'amour Independent


2016 Ride the Iron Spacebird Independent
2019 Flying Incendiary Club for Subjugating Demons/I Put a Spell on You Independent
2020 The Dawn of the Magick Children Independent


2020 Can You Dig Europe 2020 Independent