When Day Descends

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Band members

  • Current Line-up
    • Dean Caswell (vocals, guitar, bass, programming)
    • Liam Constable (vocals, guitar)
    • Rae Parkes (keys)
    • Linton Tujela (drums)
  • Former members
    • Trent Griggs (bass) (2006 - 2007)




Launceston, TAS, 2001

Band information

When Day Descends began as a solo project for Launceston musician Caswell in 2001. By 2005 he had completed the first album, which is completely instrumental and draws parallels to the likes of Opeth, Kayo Dot and Pain of Salvation. He has since added others to the line-up including Tujela from various other local bands including Zero Degrees Freedom.

A 38-minute track was released in 2006 as a download; however a CD version is also planned. The next album is slated as a group effort and was due early 2007 but remained unreleased until 2010.



2005 Transcend self release
2010 When Day Descends self release


2006 Ascension self release