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OriginAthens, Greece
GenresBlack metal
Years active1992 -
LabelsIron Pegasus, Hypervorea
Associated actsAgatus, Alpha Centauri, The Watcher, Varathron, Nocturnal Death, Necromantia
MembersEskarth the Dark One, Archon Vorskaath
Past membersThe Great Righteous Destroyer, Magus Wampyr Daoloth, Mentor, Necrosauron

Band Members

  • Current Line-Up
    • Archon Vorskaath (Dimitrius Dorian) (vocals, all instruments)
    • Eskarth the Dark One (Chris Dorian) (guitar)
  • Former Members
    • The Great Righteous Destroyer (Damon Good) (bass) (2001)
    • Magus Wampyr Daoloth (George Zaharopoulos) (bass) (1993)
    • Mentor (bass) (1991 - 1992)
    • Necrosauron (Themis Tollis) (drums) (1991 - 1992)




Athens, Greece, 1991

Band Information

Zemial began in Athens, Greece playing Bathory-style black metal. By 1991 the line-up featured Vorskaath and Mentor of Nocturnal Death and Necrosauron from Rotting Christ (Mentor would subsequently form Kawir). In 1992, the band recorded a three-track EP "Sleeping Under Tartarus" that was issued by US label Gothic Records despite some interest from Osmose Productions. Following this Vorskaath (as Necroslaughter) recorded His Majesty at the Swamp with Varathron; Daoloth from Necromantia then joined Zemial briefly but during 1994 Vorskaath moved to Australia and settled in Adelaide with his brother, Eskarth the Dark One whose own band Agatus had so far recorded a demo.

The histories of Zemial and Agatus remain linked from this point, as both brothers feature in both acts, with Vorskaath being the primary creative force behind Zemial and Eskarth driving the other. Zemial's first full-length For the Glory of UR was released by Hypervorea Records in 1996. Iron Pegasus subsequently re-released it in 2000 with slightly different track inclusions. It sold out immediately on LP and picture disc.

The "Necrolatry" demo was recorded in 1997 and during the same year Zemial contributed to a Bathory tribute album. "Sleeping Under Tartarus" was also bootlegged for use on a split EP with other stolen tracks from Mayhem and Thou Shalt Suffer during the same period. The following year Vorskaath recorded an album called Breath of the Pestilence in Germany but this has never been released. "Necrolatry" was later issued on vinyl by Iron Pegasus.

In late 2001 Zemial undertook a European tour with The Great Righteous Destroyer from StarGazer on bass. After this, Vorskaath and Eskarth spent time working on other projects including a power metal band called Alpha Centauri and a progressive rock band called The Watcher. A second Agatus album was also recorded during this period. In 2003 Zemial completed Face of the Conqueror and a track for a split release with Kawir.

In Momentum was recorded during 2005 as a tribute to Quorthon of Bathory. Just after its release in early 2006 Zemial relocated to Daun, Germany. The band undertook a three month European tour during the first months of 2007 with guitarist Ralf Strzalka from Stigmatized and Hans Bastian on bass.



1996 For the Glory of UR Hypervorea
2006 In Momentum NYX


I am the Dark"/"Words from the Temple of Shadows 2009 Hell's Headbangers


1992 Sleeping Under Tartarus Gothic
2003 Face of the Conqueror Iron Pegasus


2003 Daimon (split with Kawir) Iron Pegasus

Compilation track:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
1997 "Armageddon" Hellas Salutes the Vikings - A Tribute to Bathory Metal Invader