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OriginBrisbane, QLD
GenresProgressive death metal
Years active2003 - 2012
Associated actsShellfin, Defamer
Past membersBoyd Potts, Tim Dowdle, David Lingard, Jonathon Moore

Band members

  • Line-up
    • Boyd Potts (vocals, keys)
    • Tim Dowdle (guitar)
    • David Lingard (bass)
    • Jonathon Moore (drums)

Band information

Brisbane progressive melodic death metal band. A demo in 2006 was followed about a year later by The Spider's Sleep. A second album was released in November 2008. Early in 2009 the band toured the east coast with Misery, Mournful Congregation and Oracle of the Void as part of an Obsidian Records package and in May they opened for Cradle of Filth. In September the band appeared at Against the Grain. During 2010 Potts joined Shellfin and 'Neath was quiet. In mid-2011 'Neath announced the re-released of both albums as a double CD with a 20-page booklet; in early 2012 they split.



2007 The Spider's Sleep Obsidian
2008 The Small Untruths Obsidian