Baal Gadrial

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Band members

  • Line up
    • Lord Azgorh (vocals)
    • Typhon (drums)
    • Tnuc (bass)
    • Ravenstone (guitar)
  • Former members
    • Balrog (drums)


Wollongong, NSW, 1999

Band information

Baal Gadrial was a black metal band from Wollongong. The group was formed by Azgorh in 1999 with Tnuc (bass), Balrog (drums) and Ravenstone (guitar). Typhon later joined as drummer.

Since finally releasing an album in mid-2006 it appears that Baal Gadrial is no more although Azgorh continues with Pestilential Shadows and Drowning the Light and Typhon under his real name of Tim Yatras has featured in a multitude of bands. As of 2006 he was the drummer was LORD.



2006 Awakening of a New Era of Darkness Asgard Musik