Black Horizon

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Black Horizon
OriginSydney, NSW
GenresHeavy metal
Years active2008 - 2012
Associated actsRise of Avernus, Transcending Mortality, Inslain, Anjeliina, End of Aeon, Subterranean Disposition
Past membersCorey Eves, Cat Guirguis, Steve Huch, Tony Kay, Jesse Ung, Rhys, Raf

Band members

  • Final Line-up
    • Corey Eves (bass, vocals)
    • Cat Guirguis (vocals)
    • Steve Huch (guitar)
    • Tony Kay (guitar)
    • Jesse Ung (drums)
  • Former members
    • Rhys (drums)
    • Raf (guitar, vocals)

Band information

Black Horizon was a heavy metal band from Sydney. They formed in 2008 with a different drummer and guitarist. In early 2009 a three track EP was released. Corey Eves from various other Sydney bands like Transcending Mortality and Inslain later joined, with Tony Kay moving to guitar. Drummer Jesse Ung left the band for a while, but rejoined some later. Cat Guirguis played her last show with Black Horizon on New Year's Eve, 2011 and the band ended.



2009 Caught Between the Plains of the Living and the Dead Independent