Black Widow

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Band members

  • Line up
    • Kevin Dreiss (guitar, vocals)
    • Mouse (bass)
    • Darryl MacDonald (drums)
  • Former members
    • Jeff Chandler (bass) (1985)


Brisbane, QLD, 1985

Band information

Black Widow was a Alice Cooper/Venom/Motorhead style group from Brisbane. The band released a six-track demo tape in 1985 called See Our Evil, Hear Our Evil, Speak Our Evil and played at several of the Metal Over Brisbane "Holocaust" mini-fests, later supporting Stryper on the Brisbane leg of their Australian tour. The band's sound was originally considered to be very rough and primitive. Bassist Chandler left the group later in the year and was replaced by Mouse from local rock band Dogs Next Door who bolstered the quality of the band's live sound. By 1987 the band had ceased to be, and Kevin and Mouse went on to form Iron Lightning. Macdonald went on to play drums for Gypsy Rose and later Vice.