Burden Man

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Burden Man
OriginSydney, NSW
GenresDark ambient, post-black metal, doom
Years active2017 – present
LabelsBrilliant Emperor
Associated actsDamarill, Illimitable Dolor, The Slow Death, Nazxul, Horrisonous, Pestilential Shadows, Backyard Mortuary
MembersBlaize Mackay Irving-Holliday, Justin Finch, Yonn McLaughlin

Band Members

  • Current line-Up
    • Blaize Mackay Irving-Holliday (bass)
    • Yonn McLaughlin (drums)
    • Justin Finch (guitar, vocals)

Band Information

Sydney trio playing dark ambient post-black metal and doom.



2017 Shadows of the Dying Independent
2019 Burden Man Independent


2021 Split with OTHRS Brilliant Emperor