Illimitable Dolor

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Illimitable Dolor
OriginBlue Mountains, NSW
Years active2014 -
Associated actsElysium, Mournful Congregation, The Slow Death, Bludgeoner, Horrisonous, Burden Man, Nazxul, Rookwood, Backyard Mortuary, Futility, Pestilential Shadows, Dead River Runs Dry, Miscreation, Objective Zero, Lycanthia
MembersStuart Prickett, Yonn McLaughlin, Dan Garcia, Guy Moore, Gavin Collison, Mat Newton
Past membersPete O'Donohue, Daniel Finney

Band Members

  • Current Line-Up
    • Stuart Prickett (guitar, vocals, keys)
    • Yonn McLaughlin (drums)
    • Dan Garcia (bass) 2014 - 2016, (guitar) 2016 -
    • Guy Moore (keys) 2016 -
    • Gavin Collison (bass) 2018 -
    • Mat Newton (guitar) 2018 -
  • Former Members
    • Daniel Finney (bass) 2016 - 2018
    • Peter O'Donohue (guitar) 2016 - 2018


Blue Mountains, NSW, 2002

Band Information

Illimitable Dolor is a doom band formed in 2014 by Stuart Prickett, Yonn McLaughlin and Dan Garcia as a memorial to their friend Gregg Williamson, the original vocalist of The Slow Death. All the lyrics are written by Paul Hardcastle. Daniel Finney of Dead River Runs Dry and Peter O'Donohue from Miscreation filled out the band's live line-up. For the second album former Elysium member Guy Moore and Gavin Collison joined Illimitable Dolor and Mat Newton of Futility also plays live with the band.



2017 Illimitable Dolor Transcending Obscurity
2019 Leaden Light Independent


2007 Split with Promethean Misery Independent