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OriginCanberra, ACT
GenresDoom/death metal
Years active2007 – 2013
Associated actsPsychrist, Infinitum, Dying Embers, Deviant Plan, Inhuman Remnants
Past membersDuncan Beard, Brendan de Bear, Kurt Neist, Nathan Youngberg

Band members

  • Line-up
    • Brendan deBear (bass, vocals)
    • Nathan Youngberg (guitar, vocals)
    • Kurt Neist (guitar)
    • Duncan Beard (drums)

Band information

Futility was a doom/death band from Canberra ACT. In mid 2008 they started recording material for what would become their debut album. A demo was released in October 2008, with the album released on February 7 2009. deBear was previously vocalist for Deviant Plan, Youngberg has been in Dying Embers and Psychrist, and is also a member of Infinitum. Futility disbanded in April 2013.



2009 Futility Self Released
2012 The View From Here Self Released