Cauldron Black Ram

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Band members

  • Current line-up
    • Alim (guitar, vocals)
    • Esh (vocals, drums)
    • Ishum (bass, vocals)

Former members

  • Anunnaki (bass)



Adelaide, SA, 1997

Band information

Cult and obscure underground black metal band from Adelaide, and another to feature members of the likes of StarGazer and Mournful Congregation. The band ceased to be in the late 90s but some recordings were later released.

In 2004 Cauldron Black Ram re-appeared with Ishun taking over from original bassist Annunaki, making an appearance at Sydney's Bloodlust Festival in July 2005. The band has been sporadically active ever since. Slubberdegullion is sludgy, pirate-themed death metal; the band played shows in Finland in late 2010 and appeared at Evil Invaders in 2013.



2004 Skulduggery Apokalyptor
2010 Slubberdegullion Weird Truth


2003 The Devil Bellied Seven Inch Apokalyptor


2002 Split with Misery's Omen Necrosound