Oracle of the Void

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Oracle of the Void
OriginCoffs Harbour, NSW
GenresBlack metal
Years active1992 - 1998
Associated actsSeraphic Behest, The Veil
Past membersGameliel, Murmur, Nechustan, Razakel, Rust

Band members

  • Line-up
    • Gameliel (vocals, guitar)
    • Murmur (keys)
    • Nechustan (drums)
    • Razakel (guitar)
    • Rust (bass)

Band information

Oracle of the Void is a black metal band originally formed in Coffs Harbour as a solo project by Gamaliel in 1992. By 1994 a complete line-up had coalesced for recording and live performance with membership that included Nechustan from Seraphic Behest and Balaam (not the Balaam from Secratain) on bass with several others whose roles and names are unrecorded (Balaam has since died). A demo, "In Darkness is Found the Greater Enlightenment", was recorded in 1995 and the group continued until late 1997/early 1998 after which Oracle of the Void seems to have either come to an end or gone into hiatus, with Nechustan and Gamaliel continuing for a brief time with Seraphic Behest. The demo was pressed onto 10" vinyl in 2006 by Brisbane label Obsidian Records and the band has since be reactivated.

A full-length album was released in November 2008, featuring archival recordings along with new tracks.



2008 Further Steps to a Perfect World Obsidian


In darkness is found.jpg
2006 In Darkness is Found the Greater Enlightenment Obsidian