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OriginPerth, WA
GenresThrash metal
Years active2000 – 2005
Associated actsVoyager, Psychonaut, Depravity
Past membersPaul Cooper, Simone Dow, Wade Dunstan, Ash Neilsen, Ryan Smith, Ainsley Watkins

Band members

  • Final line-up
    • Paul Cooper (guitar)
    • Simone Dow (guitar)
    • Ash Neilsen (drums)
    • Ryan Smith (vocals)
    • Ainsley Watkins (bass)
  • Former members
    • Wade Dunstan (bass) (2001 - 2002)


Perth, WA, 2000

Band information

Scourge was a speed metal band from Perth, formed by Paul Cooper and Ryan Smith in late 2000. Simone Dow joined in mid-2001 and a demo was put together. Wade Dunstan joined Scourge on bass late that year and they set to work playing live by utilising a drum machine. Ash Nielson was added in late 2002 and Ainsley Watkins replaced Dunstan mid-2003. A month later, Scourge began work on the debut album, while supporting the likes of Alchemist and Blood Duster in the meantime. Transgression was released in August 2004. Cooper had to leave the band to follow an career with NASA in the US and as a result Scourge split in January 2005. Dow joined Voyager late that year.



2004 Transgression self release