Spear of Longinus

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Spear of Longinus
OriginBrisbane, QLD
GenresBlack metal
Years active1993 - present
LabelsNeurotic, Forgotten Wisdom, Vinland Winds, Burznazg
Associated actsGospel of the Horns, Vomitor, Forn Valdyrheim, Iron Lightning, Black Widow
MembersCamazotz, Dan'thaal, Hu, Damien
Past membersSS Death Dealer, Lee Griffiths, Mouse,

Band Members

  • Current Line-Up
    • Camazotz (vocals, guitar)
    • Damien (guitar)
    • Hu (drums)
    • Thaal (bass)
  • Former Members
    • Griffiths (drums)
    • SS Death Dealer (guitar)
    • Mouse (bass)

Band Information

Spear of Longinus is perhaps Australia’s most notorious and most forthright NS-aligned band, drawing lyrical inspiration from various aspects of so-called Nazi occultism. Their musical style is primarily thrashy black metal that is fairly rudimentary in its execution, except for The Yoga of National Socialism which has a distinctly "oi" punk sound.

The band formed in Brisbane in 1993 and its first demo appeared mid-1995. An album cut on 12" vinyl was recorded about a year later but remained unreleased until 1998. Sometime that year SOL either split or went on an extended hiatus after the recording of "Nada Brahma". In the interim Death Dealer (who up until 1994 was also a member of the original Gospel of the Horns line-up) and Griffiths formed the thrash band Vomitor. By 2001, Camazotz had relaunched Spear of Longinus as a live unit, although due to the controversial nature of its beliefs, the band plays live rarely however recorded output is steady. Mouse from Iron Lightning was a member for a while and the current bass player is Thaal from Forn Valdyrheim.

The 2004 release was a box set of previously unreleased material. ...and the Swastikalotus is a companion volume to the TYONS album, stylistically similar and apparently recorded at the same time.



1997 Domni Satnasi Burznazg
2002 The Yoga of National Socialism Vinland Winds
2004 Black Sun Society Neurotic
2006 Nothing is Forever, and Forever is Nothing Blazing Productions
2007 ...and the Swastikalotus Forgotten Wisdom


1999 Nada Brahma Burznazg
2008 Rune/Goetia Forgotten Wisdom