Bane of Isildur

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Bane of Isildur
Also known asThe Ninth Wind, Vangaard
OriginSydney, NSW
GenresDeath metal, black metal
Years active2006 – 2015
Associated actsMalice
Past membersMatt Bell, Ryan Bresler, Ray McGill, Aaron Warboys, Ben, Erik, Peter Crane, Andy Nicholl, Shea Cramer, Rob Rampage, David Pietersz

Band members

  • Line-up
    • Matt Bell (guitar)
    • Ryan Bresler (drums)
    • Ray McGill (bass)
    • Aaron Warboys (vocals, guitar)
  • Former members
    • Rob Rampage (bass) (2011 - 2013)
    • Shea Cramer (guitar) (2007 - 2012)
    • David Pietersz (drums) (2010 - 2012)
    • Ray McGill (2006 - 2011)
    • Erik (drums) (2009 - 2010)
    • Andy Nicholl (drums) (2006 - 2009)
    • Peter Crane (guitar) (2006)
    • Ben (guitar)

Band information

Bane of Isildur was a Sydney melodic death metal band with a lyrical focus on Norse paganism, formed by Ray McGill and Aaron Warboys who were previously with Malice and later joined by Shea Cramer and Andy Nicholl from Chapel. Originally known as The Ninth Wind and then Vangaard, the final name was settled upon to avoid confusion with the Finnish band Vanguard. A limited-edition demo was issued in 2006 and the band supported Amon Amarth in early 2008 and again in 2009. The Stormlords EP was completed in 2008 and was released in January 2009.

Nicholl left the band in May 2009. The band's debut full length album Black Winds was released in 2010, following the departure of drummer Erik. During 2011, Bane of Isildur toured Japan. In September 2011 McGill announced he would be leaving the band after a final show at the Sydney Bastardfest. McGill was replaced by Rob Rampage from Sydney thrash band Rampage and during 2012 both Shae Cramer and David Pietersz also departed, leaving Warboys as the only original member of the band. Matt Bell from Troldhaugen and Ryan Bresler joined mid-year. In March 2013, Bane of Isildur toured with Ensiferum and in April released a limited-edition 7" vinyl. McGill rejoined the band and they appeared with Rotting Christ in 2014. After this, the band seems to have run its course.



2010 Black Wings Independent


2006 Bane of Isildur Independent
2009 Stormlords Independent
2013 ...and the Earth Becomes Aflame Independent