Cemetery Urn

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Band members

  • Current Line-up
    • Damon Bloodstorm (vocals)
    • Andrew Gillon (guitar)
    • Squiz (Andy Squires) (bass)
    • Matt Crossingham (drums)
  • Former members
    • Matt Skitz (drums)
    • Luke (guitar)
    • Xavier (drums)




Melbourne, VIC, 2006

Band information

Cemetery Urn is a brutal death metal band formed in 2006 by current and former Abominator members Gillon and Bloodstorm. Matt Skitz from Terrorust contributed drum tracks to the band's album that was completed in mid-2007. Soon after, former Dreadnaught bass player Squiz joined the band.

Cemetery Urn were joined by Luke (guitar) and Xavier (drums) from Guild of Destruction for a tour of the US with Angelcorpse in mid-2008. Following their return to Australia, the band began work on the second album with the line up of Bloodstorm, Gillon, Squiz and Xav. Before it was released, Xav and Luke departed and Matt Crossingham from Belligerent Intent joined on drums. Cemetery Urn headed to the US once again in October 2010. Both albums have been released on vinyl by Hell's Headbangers. A third album is due in 2012 and the band will appear at Evil Invaders IV in Sydney.



2007 Urn of Blood
2010 The Conquered are Burned self release