Corpse Molestation

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Corpse Molestation
OriginMelbourne, VIC
GenresDeath metal
Years active1990 - 1993
Associated actsBestial Warlust, Deströyer 666, Abominator, Cemetery Urn, Damnatory
Past membersDamon Bloodstorm, Keith Warslut, Chris Corpsemolester, Joe Skullfucker, Rick Zrna

Band members

  • Line up
    • Damon Bloodstorm (vocals)
    • Keith Warslut (guitar)
    • Chris Corpsemolester (bass)
    • Joe Skullfucker (guitar)
    • Rick Zrna (drums)

Band information

Corpse Molestation was a death metal band from Melbourne formed by KK Warslut and Damon Bloodstorm in 1990. Following a string of rehearsal tapes and demos, the band reinvented themselves as a black metal band in 1993 and became Bestial Warlust. The band's music has been released in various forms in recent years.



2009 Holocaust Wolves of the Apocalypse Necroharmonic


2004 Descension of a Darker Deity Black Ace