Cunt Butcher

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Cunt Butcher
OriginSydney, NSW
Years active2004 - present
Associated actsMoth, 308, Invocation, Nazxul, Backyard Mortuary, Metallurgy, Malakyte
MembersCarcass Butcher
Past membersKrist, Yonn, Liam, Cadbury Redbeard,

Band members

  • Line-up
    • Carcass Butcher (bass, keys, vocals)
  • Former members
    • KKKrist (drums) (2009 - 2010)
    • YonnO))) (drums) (2008)
    • Cadbury Redbeard (bass) (2006 - 2008)



Sydney, NSW, 2004

Band information

Originally formed in Sydney in 2004, Cunt Butcher is a one-man operation for Carcass Butcher, creating crass and tasteless bass-driven grind. After two early demos, "Kvlt Kvnt" and "Enema Bucket" in 2006, Cadbury Redbeard joined and a third demo, "Halal" was recorded. In 2008 the band recorded their entire live catalog at the time, released unofficially as the "Cuntography" album. In late 2008, the bassists parted ways and the band disbanded. Cunt Butcher re-formed a few months later in Brisbane to play what was initially a one-off show, with one bass and a drummer, Krist (ex-Invocation and 308), and then played about a dozen more gigs, including a short east coast tour. The band recorded an album, "P.E.T.A" with this lineup, in 2010, the first album with actual drums in place of the drum machine.

The band has performed live with a number of drummers, including Yonn from Backyard Mortuary and Nazxul, Krist from Invocation and 308, and Liam "the Ginger Ninja". They are known for a provocative and unpredictable stage show, reminiscent of the late G.G. Allin. One of their last gigs was supporting Allin's former band the Murder Junkies on the Brisbane leg of their 2010 tour.

The band is currently in a state of hiatus.



2008 Cuntography self release


2008 Say Grace self release
2010 People Eating Tasty Animals self release