Intellect Devourer

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Band members

  • Final line-up
    • Denny Blake (drums)
    • Gary Bowden (vocals)
    • Matthew Hine (guitar)
    • Ian Jennings (bass)
    • Darren McLennan (guitar)
  • Former members
    • Troy Mooney (vocals) (1994)
    • Wayne Mosionek (guitar) (1994)
    • Matthew Hogg (guitar) (1992 - 1994)


Adelaide, SA, 1990 (?)

Band information

Named after a monster from Dungeons and Dragons, Intellect Devourer was an Adelaide band formed in 1992 only to split in 1994 leaving some demo recordings that were never released. By the time the band split, Bowden and Hogg had been replaced by Troy Mooney and Wayne Mosionek respectively. The music was technical and evil death metal in the vein of classic early 90’s bands. Blake would go on to form StarGazer. 1999 saw the reformation of Intellect Devourer with most original members and McLennan from Fury in place of Hogg. Another demo was recorded.