Order of Chaos

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Band Members

  • Line-Up
    • Evan Coops (guitar)
    • Matt Maidhorn (drums)
    • Terry Vainoras (vocals, bass)
  • Former members
    • Aaron (bass)


Melbourne, VIC, 1995

Band Information

Order of Chaos had its beginnings in 1995 and delivered a strong demo that was followed by an EP that was never released. Line-up changes followed but in 1997 Order of Chaos had developed a stable line-up with Maidhorn from Blood Duster (playing under his real name here) on drums. The strong EP release was backed up by visits interstate and at least one festival appearance, with a spot on the 1999 Metal for the Brain. On 'Perpetual', Order of Chaos played strikingly heavy and catchy melodic death metal in the vein of At the Gates and In Flames. The band later changed their musical direction with Vainoras switching to specialist singer, playing aggressive and modern metalcore. Once Vainoras left to join Earth, Order of Chaos ended. After several years featuring in Earth, The Eternal, and InSomnius Dei, Vainoras reformed Order of Chaos with Coops and Maidhorn to complete an album entitled Eyehate Swansongs for a 2009 release, and a return to live shows.



2009 Eyehate Swansongs self release


1998 Perpetual self release