Raven Black Night

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Raven Black Night
OriginAdelaide, SA
GenresDoom metal
Years active1999 - present
LabelsMetal Blade
Associated actsThe Loving Tongue, Zemial, Agatus, Alpha Centauri, Deluge, Slaughter Thou, One Step Beyond
MembersThe White Knight, Rino the Raven, Chris the Dark, Phil the Animal Berzerker
Past membersThe Dead Knight, The Earl of Darkness Below, The Black Knight, Joe the Duke, Adrian the Jester, Jeremy the Godfather

Band Members

  • Current Line-Up
    • The White Knight (Jim Petkoff) (vocals, guitar)
    • Rino the Raven (Rino Amarino) (guitar)
    • Chris the Dark (Chris Dorian) (vocals, bass)
    • Phil the Animal Berzerker (Phil Portalesi) (drums)
    • Tom Petkoff (bass) (live)
  • Former Members
    • The Dead Knight (Paul Hodgey) (vocals, bass) 2006 - 2010
    • The Earl of Darkness Below (Ben Sheehan) (drums) - 2010
    • The Black Knight (Matt Spencer) (vocals, bass) 1999 - 2006
    • Joe the Duke (Joe Toscano) 2003 - 2006
    • Adrian the Jester (drums) 2001 - 2002
    • Jeremy the Godfather (drums) 1999 - 2001

Band Information

Raven Black Night is an eclectic Adelaide doom band with similarities to Candlemass but whose style also incorporates elements of classic metal and classic 70s rock. The band was formed in 1999 by Petkoff from The Loving Tongue, Spencer from One Step Beyond, Amarino and The Godfather. After releasing a demo in 2000, the Godfather departed in place of The Jester who remained with the band until late 2002. Sheehan from Deluge (as Dragon's Breath) filled in for several months before Toscano joined the band. With this line up, Raven Black Night played in Sydney and at several festival events in Adelaide and recorded the Choose the Dark album that was eventually released in December 2005.

In late 2006, Spencer and Toscano left to be replaced by Hodgey and Sheehan and in July the following year, in tandem with Petkoff's other band The Loving Tongue, Raven Black Night toured throughout Europe, playing the Headbanger's Open Air festival in Hamburg and several other shows. Chris Dorian (Agatus, Zemial) joined the band during 2010 and Matt Enright of Black Orchid was enlisted to play drums on a new album, Barbarian Winter. Snagging a deal with Metal Blade, the album was released in early 2013. As Dorian is now based in Greece, Tom Petkoff appears with the band when playing in Australia.



2004 Choose the Dark self release
2013 Barbarian Winter Metal Blade

Compilation track:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
2005 "My Love is Holy" Underearthed 3 independent