Se Bon Ki Ra

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Band members

  • Line-up
    • Mike Brown (guitar)
    • Chad Cosgrove (vocals)
    • Ben Farrelly (bass)
    • Sven Hentschel (drums)
    • Shane Squires (guitar)



Adelaide, SA, 2007

Band information

With a name derived from a Haitian proverb, Se Bon Ki Ra is a groove-heavy death and thrash band from Adelaide, with members drawn from Obdurate Seduction (Farrelly) and Truth Corroded (Hentschel). Since forming in 2007 the band has been highly active on the Adelaide scene having opened for a wealth of Australia's best known metal acts and appearing at Against the Grain in 2008 and 09. Late in 2009 their EP appeared and they played at the Adelaide Big Day Out in January 2010.



2013 In the Wake of Change self release


2009 One Thousand Ways to Be self release

Compilation tracks:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
2011 "Lesser Than" Euphony Fusion IV Welkin Entertainment