Bestial Warlust

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Bestial Warlust
OriginMelbourne, VIC
GenresThrash metal, black metal
Years active1993 - 1997
LabelsModern Invasion
Associated actsDeströyer 666, Corpse Molestation, Abominator, Mass Confusion, Gospel of the Horns, Hobbs Angel of Death, Anatomy
Past membersDamon Bloodstorm, Fiend of the Deep, Markus Hellcunt, Joe Skullfucker, Battleslaughter, Chris Corpsemolester, Keith Warslut

Band members

  • Final line-up
    • Damon Bloodstorm (vocals)
    • Fiend of the Deep (Phil Gresik) (bass)
    • Markus Hellcunt (drums)
    • Joe Skullfucker (guitar)
    • Batteslaughter (guitar)
  • Former members
    • Chris Corpsemolester (bass) (1993 - 1995)
    • Keith Warslut (guitar) (1993 - 1994)


Melbourne, VIC, 1993

Band information

Bestial warlust.jpg

Melbourne's Bestial Warlust was a ravenously violent black metal band that formed from a previous death metal entity called Corpse Molestation. Noisy and chaotic, the band's first album Vengeance War til Death established them in underground circles worldwide as perhaps Australia's premier exponents of black metal.

After the first album, guitarist Keith Warslut left Bestial Warlust to devote further attention to his Deströyer 666 project. His spot in the band was taken by Battleslaughter and Chris Corpsemolester was replaced by Hobbs' Angel of Death and Mass Confusion bass veteran Phil "Fiend of the Deep" Gresik. This line-up produced Blood and Valour which was in the same chaotic vein as the first album. In 1996, Bestial Warlust headlined Metal for the Brain; by mid-97 the band was no more but their influence on the Australian extreme metal scene remains strong.

Hellcunt went on to join Anatomy and Gospel of the Horns, and Bloodstorm was in Abominator until mid-2001. Gresik later joined Deströyer 666.



1994 Vengeance War til Death Modern Invasion
1995 Blood and Valour Modern Invasion