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OriginSydney, NSW
GenresProgressive metal
Years active2006 - present
Associated actsArteries, Ouroboros, Switchblade, Infernal Method, Killrazer, Deadspawn, Dessant
Past membersThomas Arcadi, Dave Horgan, Jimmy Ivanyi, Graeme Daniels, Liam Horgan, Braithe Selby, Ryan Wooden, Gerard Dack, Grahame Goode, Shannon Agius

Band members

  • Line-up
    • Thomas Arcadi (vocals)
    • Dave Horgan (drums)
    • James Norbert Ivanyi (guitar)
    • Graeme Daniels (guitar)
    • Liam Horgan (bass)
  • Former members
    • Braithe Selby (guitar)
    • Ryan Wooden (bass)
    • Gerard Dack (keys, synth)
    • Grahame Goode (drums)
    • Shannon Agius (drums) (2006 - 2009)

Band information

Paradigm was a progressive metal band formed by students of Sydney's Australian Institute of Music in 2006. The band was founded by James Norbert Ivanyi as a side-project from his prog-metal outfit of the time, Dessant, from where Thomas Arcadi also came. The band began working on an album in late 2008; in May the next year Braithe Selby left but with Symmetry (In)Sanity on the verge of release late in the year he returned to the band. Gerard Dack from Switchblade also joined and Shannon Agius was replaced by journeyman drummer Grahame Goode (Infernal Method, Killrazer, etc.) in November 2009. Goode was eventually replaced by David Horgan from Ouroboros and the band's second album was released in 2012. Selby and Ryan Wooden were replaced about this time by Graeme Daniels and Liam Horgan but Paradigm doesn't seem to have progressed further. Braithe Selby is now a member of Arteries and Ivanyi has released solo albums.



2009 Symmetry (In)Sanity self release
2012 Mind is Key self release