The Day Everything Became Nothing

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Band members

  • Current line-up
    • Xavier Irvine (bass)
    • Dean Engert (guitar)
    • Dave Hill (guitar)
    • Marty Evans (drums)
    • Tony Forde (vocals)
  • Former members
    • Kody Abrams (vocals)



Melbourne, VIC, 2002

Band information

The Day Everything Became Nothing is a grind band from Melbourne that formed in 2002 with Kody Abrams on vocals, although Forde from Blood Duster joined very soon afterwards. The band also features Hill from Fuck... I'm Dead and Shallow Grave and Engert from the thrash band Dezakrate. The Le Mort CD appeared shortly after the line-up was finalised and showed The Day Everything Became Nothing's style to be extreme percussive technical grind with extraordinarily gutteral vocals.

The band featured at Metal for the Brain in 2005 just as the "Slow Death by Grinding" EP appeared. During 2006 TDEBN worked on their second album with Scott Hill from Pig Destroyer and Jason PC from Blood Duster and was released that May. Irvine joined Hill in Fuck... I'm Dead in mid-2007.

TDEBN toured the US with Fuck... I'm Dead and Blood Duster in May 2008. Their album Brutal was released the same month. 2009 was a quieter year but the band supported Cannibal Corpse in September and began work on their next album. In January 2010 TDEBN opened for Mastodon.



2003 Le Mort No Escape
2006 Invention:Destruction No Escape
2008 Brutal No Escape


2005 Slow Death by Grinding No Escape

Compilation tracks:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
2004 "Method" Legions: Opening of the Southern Gate BlackTalon Media
2005 "Naked" Metal for the Brain 2005 Faultline