The Furor

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The Furor
OriginPerth, WA
GenresBlack metal
Years active2002 - present
LabelsPrime Cuts
Associated actsImpiety, Pathogen, Mhorgl, Pagan, Sámain, NerveCell, Hated by Humanity, Impact Winter, Secratain, Shrapnel, Scythian, Cuntscrape, Funeral Death, Daemon Foetal Harvest, Grotesque, Malignant Monster
Past membersKill Machine, Kingslayer, Warlock

Band members

  • Current line-up
    • Disaster (Louis Rando) (all instruments, vocals)
  • Former members
    • Kill Machine (Jon Dunlop) (guitar, bass) 2002 - 2011
    • Kingslayer (Daniel Coombs) (bass)
    • Warlock (Nick Bell) (guitar) 2002 - 2006

Band information

The Furor is an extreme black/death metal band from Perth, drawing membership from some of that city's more notable metal acts. Louis "Disaster" Rando was with Pathogen and Pagan, Nick "Warlock" Bell was formerly with Sámain and Kill Machine is known under various names and has featured in bands such as Impact Winter, Hated by Humanity and Scythian. A demo was recorded as a duo of Rando and Bell with Dunlop joining shortly afterward on bass.

The band's first album, recorded in 2003 but unreleased until the following year. After quickly establishing themselves on the Perth scene, The Furor performed at that city's leg of 2005's Metal for the Brain. The band then recorded a second album that was released to co-incide with their national tour with Nile in November. The Furor then toured with Behemoth in January 2006. After this Bell left and Lomas (formerly of Secratain) joined on bass as Dunlop switched to guitar. The group played Metal for the Brain once more in November 2006. A tour with NerveCell followed in early 2007, followed by a tour in August with Marduk. After this The Furor was put on ice, but in 2011 Disaster and Kill Machine recorded another album together. By 2012, The Furor was a solo venture for Disaster and an EP appeared in the middle of the year. Disaster continues to record and release under The Furor banner. In 2022 he performed at Blacken Open Air.



2004 Invert Absolute Prime Cuts
2005 Advance Australia Warfare Prime Cuts
2011 War Upon Worship Prime Cuts
2014 Impending Revelation Independent
2017 Cavalaries of the Occult Independent
2017 Double Armageddon Independent
2021 Obliteration Matrix Independent


2012 Sermon of Slaughter self release