Hadal Maw

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Hadal Maw
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Background information
OriginMelbourne, VIC
GenresTechnical death metal
Years active2010 - present
Associated actsA Million Dead Birds Laughing, Alarum, House of Thumbs, Arcane Saints, Swimming With Sharks, Tribal Clown, Lanstrum, King Parrot, Lo!, Blackhelm, The Red Shore, The Abandonment, Nesher, Snakes Get Bad Press, Dyssidia, Voros, Asphyxia, Black Lava
MembersBen Boyle, Sam Dillon, Nick Rackham, Tim Anderson, Liam Weedall
Past membersAaron Grice, Jake Milne, Rob Brens, Jim Luxford

Band members

  • Current Line-up
    • Ben Boyle (guitar)
    • Nick Rackham (guitar)
    • Sam Dillon (vocals)
    • Liam Weddall (drums)
    • Tim Anderson (bass)
  • Former members
    • Jake Milne (vocals)
    • Rob Brens (drums)
    • Jim Luxford (bass)
    • Aaron Grice (vocals)

Band information

Hadal Maw is a technical death metal band from Melbourne, beginning life as a recording project for House of Thumbs guitarist Nick Rackham in 2010. With Rob Brens from Alarum and Swimming With Sharks vocalist Aaron Grice in the line-up, the band began to record in early 2012; Jim Luxford from Arcane Saints and A Million Dead Birds Laughing guitarist Ben Boyle joined later that year and the band began playing live in early 2013. The band's debut album was released in late 2014 and Hadal Maw toured nationally with Daemon Pyre. In early 2015 Grice left Hadal Maw and was replaced by Jake Milne; the band's touring continued with appearances at the Dead of Winter Festival and shows with Orpheus Omega. After that tour, Sam Dillon replaced Milne. Olm was released in early 2017 and afterward Luxford departed. Former The Red Shore member Tim Anderson joined in his place.



2014 Senium Independent
2017 Olm EVP


2022 Scourge of Iron Independent


2018 Charlatan Independent
2021 Oblique Order Blighttown