Black Majesty

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Black Majesty
Background information
OriginMelbourne, VIC
GenresPower metal
Years active2001 - present
Associated actsCyclone Tracy, Pegazus, Taramis, Amethyst, Anarion, Catwitch, Soilwork, Chimaira, Therion, Dog Faced Gods, Lion's Share, Demonoid, Ebony Tears, Menhir, Leprocide, Wicked Smile, The Radio Sun, Vulvagun
MembersJohn Cavaliere, Hanny Mohammed, Evan Harris, Ben Wignall, Clinton Bidie
Past membersStevie Janevski, Richard Evensand, Joe Fata, Cory Betts, Pavel Konvalinka

Band members

  • Current line-up
    • John Cavaliere (vocals)
    • Hanny Mohammed (guitar, keys)
    • Evan Harris (bass)
    • Clinton Bidie (guitar)
    • Ben Wignall (drums)
  • Former members
    • Steve Janevski (guitar) 2001 - 2019
    • Richard Evensand (drums) 2012 - 2014
    • Pavel Konvalinka (drums)
    • Mark Kelson (bass) 2003 - 2004
    • Joe Fata (bass) 2002
    • Cory Betts (bass) 2001 - 2002

Band information

Black Majesty is a Melbourne power metal band formed in early 2001 by Cyclone Tracy guitarist Steve Janevski, ex-Catwitch member Hanny Mohammed, Cory Betts from Pegazus and Jon Cavaliere, with Pavel Konvalinka recruited shortly after. At this time the band was called Arkaya, the continuation of a band previously known as Kymera that Betts had formed in 1995. Work began on a debut album with guest appearances from the likes of ex-Pegazus vocalist Danny Cecati and Silvio Massaro from Vanishing Point. Before it was completed Betts left and the band changed its name to Black Majesty. Some of the bass tracks were recorded by Evan Harris and producer Endel Rivers contributed keyboards. Joe Fata replaced Betts, but he subsequently left before the album was released. Around the same time, Mohammed joined Pegazus temporarily to play bass at some live shows.

Black Majesty signed a five-album deal with German label LMP in April 2003 and shortly afterward Sands of Time was released. Mark Kelson of The Eternal featured as the band's live bass player for subsequent shows. The band’s second album was begun in late 2004, with the drum tracks overseen by Piet Sielck of Iron Savior. Silent Company was released in mid-2005 and Black Majesty played some shows in Germany to mark the occasion. The band supported DragonForce and Nevermore in 2006 with Evan Harris playing bass. Harris continued to act as Black Majesty's touring bassist before becoming an official member in 2015.

Black Majesty's third album Tomorrowland was released in early 2007 and the band played shows in Europe to support it, including Wacken Open Air. They appeared with Helloween on two shows of their Australian tour in 2008 and toured the east coast with Saxon the following May. After this the band began work on their fourth album, In Your Honour, which was produced by former Helloween guitarist Roland Grapow.

After appearing at Screamfest in early 2010, the was released in May ahead of a European tour in June. In September 2011 they supported Blind Guardian on their Australian tour. During 2012, Pavel Konvalinka was replaced in the live capacity by former Soilwork and Chimaira drummer Richard Evensand however Konvalinka continued to work with the group in the studio until Ben Wignall joined Black Majesty in 2015 following the recording of Cross of Thorns. During 2016 the band supported Primal Fear and Symphony X and in mid-2017 appeared at Churches of Steel in Adelaide.

The band's seventh album, Children of the Abyss was released in 2018 and supported by European touring and an Australian show with Dragonland. Steve Janevski left Black Majesty in 2019 and moved on to The Radio Sun and Wicked Smile with Danny Cecati of Pegazus. His place was taken by Clinton Bidie but activity since then has been minimal.



2003 Sands of Time LMP
2005 Silent Company LMP
2007 Tomorrowland LMP
2010 In Your Honour LMP
2012 Stargazer LMP
2015 Cross of Thorns Pride and Joy
2018 Children of the Abyss Pride and Joy