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OriginMelbourne VIC
GenresDoom metal
Years active1991 - 2006
Associated actsThe Eternal, Seventh Angel, Cryptal Darkness, Mortification, In:Exordium, InSomnius Dei, Altera Enigma, Horde, Soundscape, Teramaze, Desolate Eternity, Revulsed
Past membersIan Arkley, Chris Burton, Jason DeRon, Mark Kelson, Mark Orr, Jayson Sherlock, Andrew Tompkins

Band Members

  • Final Line-Up
    • Jason DeRon (guitar)
    • Jayson Sherlock (drums)
    • Andrew Tompkins (vocals, bass)
  • Former Members
    • Ian Arkley (guitar) 1999
    • Mark Orr (drums) 1999
    • Mark Kelson (guitar) 1997 - 1999
    • Chris Burton (guitar) 1992 - 1997, 2005


Melbourne, VIC, 1991

Band Information

Paramaecium was a Melbourne doom band that explored Christian themes. Andrew Tompkins was the crux of the band, with ex-Mortification drummer Jayson Sherlock also playing a considerable role. Exhumed of the Earth featured Tompkins and Sherlock with guitar contributions from Jason DeRon and Chris Burton. The follow-up, recorded with the same line-up, was a musical companion to Tompkins' book of the same name, an allegorical novel reflecting his Christian beliefs.

The EP was a limited edition of 500 featuring re-recorded tracks from the band's original demo done in a death metal style, with Mark Kelson of Cryptal Darkness taking the place of DeRon. Tompkins recorded A Time to Mourn with ex-Seventh Angel guitarist Ian Arkley and Mark Orr on drums. By 2003 Paramaecium was down to the duo of Tompkins and DeRon and together they completed work on Echoes from the Ground, after which DeRon parted ways with the group. This departure was only brief however, as Paramaecium regrouped as Tompkins, DeRon and Sherlock for a series of live dates throughout 2006, ending with an appearance at Nordicfest in Oslo, Norway. Following this, the band announced a name change to inExordium.



1993 Exhumed of the Earth Independent
1996 Within the Ancient Forest Independent
1999 A Time to Mourn Independent
2004 Echoes from the Ground Independent


1997 Repentence Independent