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OriginSydney, NSW
GenresThrash metal, metalcore
Years active2002 – 2011
LabelsMetal Blade, Stomp, Chatterbox
Associated actsDeadspawn, Infernal Method, Psi.Kore, Atomizer, Syphilis, Redsands, Ink, Mortality, Icon of Deceit, The Amenta, Automation
MembersAaron Bilbija, Simon Calabrese, Michael Kordek, Matt Lamb, Andrew Lilley, Mark McKernan, Dave Micallef, Wayne Morris, Jason Turnbull, Meredith Webster

Band Members

  • Final Line-Up
    • Aaron Bilbija (guitar)
    • Mark McKernan (vocals)
    • Wayne Morris (drums)
    • Jason Turnbull (guitar)
    • Meredith Webster (bass)
  • Former Members
    • Michael Kordek (guitar) 2002 - 2005, 2005 - 2007
    • Simon Calabrese (vocals) 2003 - 2006
    • Andrew Lilley (guitar) 2005
    • Dave Micallef (vocals) 2002
    • Matt Lamb (drums) 2002

Band Information

Daysend was formed from the ashes of Sydney bands Psi.Kore and Deadspawn in August 2002 by Meredith Webster, Matt Lamb, Aaron Bilbija, Dave Micallef and Michael Kordek. Lamb was soon replaced by Wayne Morris and just before their first live show Micallef departed; the band played without a singer. Mooted to appear at the 2002 Metal for the Brain show, that year’s event was cancelled and they were slated to support Pungent Stench but were unable to secure a vocalist in time. In January 2003, ex-Inequity and Redsands singer Simon Calabrese joined Daysend and they were immediately added to The Haunted’s Australian tour in March. In July, Daysend toured nationally with the reformed Damaged.

Severence was released in October 2003; two weeks later they toured with Strapping Young Lad. In 2004 the band toured with Frankenbok nationally, followed by a tour with Entombed in April and shows with In Flames and Machine Head, then a joint headlining tour with Stronger Than Hate in October. Severance was released in the US by Metal Blade and in Europe by Locomotive in November 2004. 2005 dawned with Daysend slated to appear at all three Metal for the Brain festivals in February; two days before the Canberra event, Kordek was replaced by former Psi.Kore, Infernal Method and Atomizer guitarist Andrew Lilley. In May 2005, Daysend embarked on a six week US tour, after which Kordek returned to the band when Lilley left. Daysend was to begin work on their second album in mid-2006, but Calabrese left the band in May and was replaced by Mark McKernan shortly afterward.

Daysend signed to Faultline Records in early 2007. The Warning was released in May and the band played at Sydney's Come Together festival in June. After cancelling some shows when Morris injured an eye during a gig, Daysend played on the Festival of the Dead during October. In November, Kordek announced he was leaving the band once again after a final show in December. He was replaced by Jason Turnbull.

In mid-2008 the band played shows in New Zealand before touring with Dyscord along the east coast. Daysend was originally announced as the local support for Judas Priest's September tour but were later dropped without explanation, instead opening for Trivium in August. Early in 2009 the band did shows with Whitechapel. Within the Eye of Chaos was released on February 19 2010 and the band toured intermittently. Daysend was booked to support Nevermore in mid-2011 and were planning a tour of their own afterwards, but when the Nevermore shows were cancelled, Daysend instead announced that they had decided to split up.



2003 Severence Chatterbox
2007 The Warning Faultline
2010 Within the Eye of Chaos Stomp